Strengthening the role of jobactive providers

This content was published on Tuesday 7 December 2021. There may be more recent updates available.

From September 2021, jobactive providers will play a stronger, more proactive role to identify local employment priorities and refer job seekers to suitable work.

Providers will take on a stronger brokerage role, helping employers to receive more job applications for their vacancies.

Providers will work closely with their region’s Employment Facilitator, as part of the Local Jobs Program, to develop strategies to better connect job seekers with local business needs. 

Job seekers in jobactive provider services and online employment services will receive targeted messages from the department to promote in-demand jobs and opportunities. Job seekers will be targeted based on their interests and labour market need.

Job seekers who are referred to these employment opportunities may be subject to compliance action if they do not act on these referrals.