Jobs and Skills Australia

The Australia Government has established Jobs and Skills Australia to provide independent advice on current, emerging, and future workforce, skills, and training needs. It will work with unions, employers, state and territory governments, and education and training providers in providing the advice needed to improve skills development, employment opportunities and economic growth.

Jobs and Skills Australia engagement

Your views are important to us in shaping how Jobs and Skills Australia will work in the future.

To inform Jobs and Skills Australia’s ways of working, a discussion paper is now available for comment.  Stakeholders are invited to read the discussion paper and make a submission.

Submissions close 5pm AEDT, Friday 10 February 2023

The discussion paper shares an update on what is being proposed for Jobs and Skills Australia’s ongoing arrangements and seeks your views ahead of the permanent arrangements being introduced.

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The role of Jobs and Skills Australia

The Government is committed to ensuring Jobs and Skills Australia is positioned as a source of truth so that its advice can better inform government policy, programs, and investment; business and industry planning; and the choices Australians make about their education, training and employment. Delivering on this commitment will rely on Jobs and Skills Australia’s data and analysis capability, but also its ability to build a stronger evidence base through deeper, ongoing engagement and expanded outreach to ensure its insights and advice help to build the skilled workforce Australia needs now and in the future.

Please visit the new Jobs and Skills Australia website to stay up to date and to subscribe at the bottom of the home page.

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Director of Jobs and Skills Australia

The Government recently announced that Professor Peter Dawkins AO will lead Jobs and Skills Australia as the Director.

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Jobs and Skills Australia Legislation

On 16 November 2022, Jobs and Skill Australia was formally established, after legislation passed through Parliament and received Royal Assent. This is a significant milestone as it enabled Jobs and Skill Australia to commence its important work.

Further detail on the legislative process and to view the Explanatory Memoranda, can be found at Jobs and Skills Australia Bill 2022 - Parliament of Australia.

To view the legislation, visit Jobs and Skills Australia Act 2022.

Restricted non-competitive grant

2022-23 Budget

To ensure Jobs and Skills Australia is properly resourced to undertake its work, the Government announced an additional $12.9 million in the October 2022 Budget to support Jobs and Skills Australia in providing independent advice on current, emerging, and future skills and labour market needs, and current and emerging workforce issues, using data, evidence and analysis.

The funding will also provide for an increased emphasis for Jobs and Skills Australia to engage with tripartite partners, and other skills and labour market stakeholders, in developing its advice to Government. This is in addition to a $1.9 million allocated for the Clean Energy Capacity Study, and $12 million for a study on adult literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills.

For more information on Jobs and Skills Australia funding visit Minister O’Connor’s Federal Budget media release Media release – Training more Australians for more opportunities in more parts of the country.

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