Launch into Work Employer Panel Request for Proposal released on AusTender

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations has released a Request for Proposal for the Launch into Work Employer Panel 2022–28 on AusTender.

The department is seeking responses from businesses interested in becoming members of the Launch into Work Employer Panel (the Employer Panel).

The Employer Panel will be established by April 2023 and cease on 30 June 2028.

Members of the Employer Panel may use Launch into Work projects to recruit at least 30 eligible job seekers per year into vacant entry-level roles within their business.

Projects are co-designed with the department and tailored to the entry-level roles being filled. They will include the training, practical workplace activities and mentoring necessary to build the skills and confidence of participants, so they can move directly into employment in the business at the end of the project.

Further information about this Request for Proposal is available on AusTender.

Responses close:

5.00 pm (ACT local time) 
Wednesday 15 February 2023