Further information about Local Jobs

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Workforce Australia Local Jobs (Local Jobs) aims to ensure the maximum number of people are placed in appropriate employment or training opportunities as quickly as possible to meet employer needs as labour markets recover. To achieve this, expertise, resources and access to funding will be brought together at the local level to focus on reskilling, upskilling and employment pathways. Key stakeholders including employers, employment services providers, higher education and training organisations will work collaboratively to design projects that skill people to meet the needs of local employers.

Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces have been established in each of the regions to identify key employment priorities and strengthen linkages between stakeholders. Taskforces play a central role leveraging existing programs and aligning efforts on the ground to ensure collaboration is maximised, duplication is minimised, and outcomes are achieved. The Taskforces facilitate the design of projects that will address identified employment priorities and maximise the number of people moving into work.

Recognising that labour markets vary across Australia, local labour market data is provided by the National Skills Commission and National Careers Institute. This ensures each Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce understands shortages and predicted future trends to drive local training responses informed by evidence.

Local Jobs runs until 30 June 2025.