School leavers webinar series online now

This content was published on Tuesday 8 March 2022. There may be more recent updates available.

The National Careers Institute has launched a series of videos aimed at both school leavers and parents & guardians designed to provide vital information around a young person’s career journey.

The school leavers webinar series provides the necessary tools to support a young person thinking about important career decisions. The parents and guardians series is designed to help navigate complex conversations around their young person’s future and help bring awareness to the opportunities available for their young person to access.

The webinars feature:

  • tips on identifying strengths, interests and exploring opportunities for a young person leaving school
  • industry experts sharing tips and tricks for transitioning into the workplace
  • qualified career practitioners sharing information on the current job market and how to best achieve your desired outcome
  • young professionals who have experienced varied pathways to achieving their goals
  • dispelling myths around careers and a young person’s future
  • parents sharing their experience talking to their young person about their future.

The webinar series is offered to support both school leavers and their influencers on navigating the exciting pathways a young person may take along their career journey.  

For more information, tune into the free webinar series.