Communiqué for the New Employment Services Advisory Group 16 December 2020

This content was published on Monday 1 February 2021. There may be more recent updates available.

The inaugural meeting of the New Employment Services Advisory Group was held on Wednesday 16 December 2020. The meeting was chaired by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

The new Advisory Group will play a critical role in providing advice and feedback to the department on:

  • how the Local Jobs Program can improve opportunities offered by industry and business to support the uptake of employment, how to better engage with key stakeholders on employment opportunities, marketing of growth industries and how we can better service these industries
  • the enhancing of employment services and linkages to upskilling and reducing red tape that assists industry and job seekers recover from COVID-19, and
  • the design and approach to the new employment services model to be rolled out from July 2022.

New Employment Services Model Vision Statement

Members discussed the vision statement for the new Employment Services Model noting the way people are employed has changed, with an emphasis on digital servicing and providing greater support to those who need it.
Members noted the department is currently finalising a change management approach which will look at the change pathway for all stakeholders.

Digital Platform update

The new Digital Employment Service Platform is being designed to leverage the benefits of new technology and improve the delivery of services to Australians. It will do this by providing better assistance to job seekers offering more personalised and flexible services and improved matching services for employers.

The IT build will commence in January 2021 with progressive enhancements ready for commencement of the new employment services in July 2022.

The build will be informed through ongoing extensive user research and useability testing to ensure it is agile and responsive to the changing labour market.

Licensing Framework

Members were advised that the licensing framework is being developed to drive quality outcomes for employers and job seekers, simplify processes for employment providers to enter and exit the market and reduce the cost and disruption of procurement on business. 

The new framework is being designed to support a diverse market, reward strong performance, respond to local needs and encourage greater diversity through harnessing specialist expertise where appropriate.
Extensive consultation will continue with stakeholders encouraged to provide feedback to Future Employment Services.

Online Self-Assessment Tool

Members noted the department is working on several assessment tools to support job seekers, particularly those who are being serviced online.

Work is underway for an online self-assessment tool that will focus on measuring strength-based factors, in particular motivation and resilience. Job seekers have been consulted on the questions being considered as part of the tool along with the prototype as part of User Centred Design research.

Local Jobs Program update

Members were advised the Local Jobs Program (LJP) aims to support Australia’s economic recovery. 25 regions across Australia have been identified for this program. Work will be led by an employment facilitator who will coordinate projects, leveraging existing programs and aligning state and federal government programs to reduce duplication and optimise outcomes for employers and job seekers.

Other Business

The next meeting of the Advisory Group will be held in February 2021