Jayden’s success with PaTH internship leads to a great job and new qualifications

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Transition to Work (TtW) and a successful PaTH internship helped Jayden, from Noosaville Queensland to lay the foundations for an exciting career in the fitness industry. 

Jayden worked with her TtW provider to build her skills and confidence to take on a PaTH internship and land a job as an administration salesperson. 

“At first Jayden was unsure about the internship as she did not have much work experience,” said Kelsie from TtW provider, Busy at Work.

Kelsie helped build Jayden’s trust and helped her create her first-ever resume. She encouraged Jayden to attend the initial interview for the PaTH internship over the phone, and then the second interview in person.

The month-long internship helped change Jayden’s mind about the direction of her career. 

“I wasn’t sure that this was what I wanted to do, I didn’t think admin would be for me, but I really enjoyed the internship, and I got lots of experience on the job,” Jayden said.

During the internship, Jayden impressed her employer with how quickly she adapted to the workload and with her ability to learn new systems.

At the end of the internship, the employer’s sister company, Fit City, offered Jayden a 30-hour a week position. Jayden is now building on her earlier success and increasing her expertise by completing a Certificate III in fitness.

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TtW helps people between 15 and 24 into work, apprenticeships, training or education. It involves intensive, pre-employment support to develop job skills, connect with education or training, and find a job.

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PaTH internships are short workplace trials that allow a young person to develop job skills and boost their employment prospects. PaTH internships have an impressive track record with 67% of internships resulting in a job offer upon completion.

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