Jobs advice and labour market data helps people looking for work

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Using the latest information on the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment is producing up-to-date advice and data to support job seekers.

Drawing on a range of information and data sources, including employer surveys and vacancy analysis, the department assesses the impacts of the pandemic on industries and highlights where the job opportunities are. This is published on the COVID-19 channel of the Labour Market Information Portal.  

Practical advice to job seekers based on current evidence

Recent labour market research and analysis has been used to produce practical advice for those looking for a job, including:

  • Finding Work in the Australian Jobs Market Factsheet with advice and tips on finding employment based on the department’s Vacancy Report and Survey of Employers’ Recruitment Insights.
  • Hospitality Workers Factsheet, showing how workers have likely developed the skills needed for a range of jobs currently in demand.
  • Skills Match on the Job Outlook website to help people identify skills built from past jobs, and how these skills can be used in areas that might be in demand, even when looking in a different industry.
  • A Lesson Plan for the Job Outlook Career Quiz that helps people understand their work interests and explore career options that suit this. It shows job seekers how to make the most of the useful career information on Job Outlook, where they can discover more than 1000 occupations, including their job tasks, required skills, pathways into or between jobs, future prospects, and pay.

Labour market data that are easy to find and use

To further help job seekers, user friendly and current labour market data are also available, including:

  • A Jobs in Demand Employer Survey, to identify where job opportunities continue to exist despite the economic downturn, along with other key findings including the qualifications, skills, and experience employers are currently seeking.
  • An interactive Labour Market Maps and Analytics Dashboard allowing users to view, compare, and download the latest labour market information for regions of interest.
  • A data visualisation showing the detailed Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) occupations with the most job advertisements for each state and territory.
  • A survey of COVID-19 Impacts on Businesses and Recruitment measuring the pandemic’s impact on business operations, of which key findings are published weekly.

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