Mature age job seekers build skills with Career Transition Assistance

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More mature age job seekers are getting help from Career Transition Assistance

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More mature age job seekers are building the skills and confidence they need to be more competitive in their local job markets thanks to the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Program.

Additional recent funding and an expansion of the program to include people in online employment services has meant mature age workers can access the program more easily, with more than 950 mature age job seekers enrolling this June. These new job seekers are the latest to benefit from the program and join the 5,800 participants who have enrolled in the CTA since the national expansion of the program in 2019.

Specialist CTA providers help job seekers aged 45 years and over gain confidence using technology as well as improve their ability to look for, and apply for, jobs online.

CTA training helps participants identify their existing skills and how those could be best used to apply to different roles and industries, and builds confidence in using technology. It also gives participants an insight into their local job market and current opportunities to increase their opportunities to find work.

This has never been more important as we deal with various challenges and the rapid changes in the labour market due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barry, from Strathpine in Queensland, completed the CTA course and has now found a job as a welder.

“At CTA I was improving my life skills. I didn’t think that was possible at my age and not after the shock of not having a job. Every day I learnt something new and it’s fantastic,” Barry said.

CTA providers have overcome the challenges of COVID-19 to deliver the program in a variety of new ways.

This has included providing participants with devices, such as tablets, preloaded with content and coaching them over the phone to set up the device so they can do the CTA course online. Online and teleconference options have also been offered with platforms like Zoom and dedicated YouTube channels.

This is a great example of how employment services are adapting and innovating to meet current challenges and ensure that mature age workers get the chance to upskill and be supported to find a job. 

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