National Careers Week

National Careers Week 2022

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Happy National Careers Week – Your journey is unique to you

Across Australia this week we celebrate careers, career development and career development practitioners. 

Held each year, National Careers Week is an initiative by the Career Industry Council of Australia and is an opportunity for all Australians to consider their career ambitions through career development opportunities.  

There are many different career paths and your journey will be unique to you.  

Our Department’s National Careers Institute ensures Australians have access to reliable and accurate careers information, resources, and support. You can explore the range of possibilities on the Your Career website - Australians at any stage of their career can use this webpage to navigate their career opportunities based on their interests, skills, qualifications and location.   

Career development provides many benefits and is not just about jobs – it is the process of managing learning, work, and leisure to advance through life professionally. It also includes gaining and using the skills and knowledge obtained to plan and make informed decisions about education, training, and work.  

Throughout the week there are a range of activities hosted by the Career Industry Council of Australia and everyone is encouraged to participate.  

More information 

For more information visit National Careers Week or Your Career. 

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