Opportunities for job seekers and employers

NWEP Participant Melissa (left) and CEO of Maranatha House Debra stand in front of the Maranatha House logo, which states “Where living life my way is made easy”

NWEP Participant Melissa (left) and CEO of Maranatha House Debra

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The National Work Experience Programme (NWEP) matches employees with suitable organisations, helping job seekers gain work and life changing skills and experiences.

Melissa McAuley, 40, completed a NWEP placement at Maranatha House, a not-for-profit aged care facility in Wellington, NSW. Following her placement in January 2018, Melissa gained employment and has been working there ever since.

“Before participating in the NWEP, I never thought I would be able to get a job, however the placement helped me to gain more confidence in myself and I have learnt new skills as well as developing previous skills,” Melissa said.

Debra Matheson is the CEO of Maranatha House and believes that being a part of the NWEP has assisted the aged care facility in many ways, including with recruitment.

“Hiring employees can be a long and expensive process, and it is important to find someone best suited to the role,” Debra said.

“The NWEP is a great way to recruit employees as they come with the appropriate training, and as an employer, we get to trial their suitability prior to employing them.”

“The NWEP provides an opportunity for existing staff at Maranatha House to gain management experience, by way of mentoring new staff.

“It also assists us in making sure we have a flexible approach to work. For example, Melissa had demonstrated transferable skills learned on the job and we were able to change her role to suit her interests and abilities,” Debra said.

Both Melissa and Debra heard about the NWEP through their local jobactive provider, Sureway Employment and Training.

“I got involved, as they suggested I would not only gain practical skills and knowledge, but there was a good chance I could gain employment at the end of the placement,” Melissa said.

“It worked! I gained employment with Maranatha House and I really enjoy my role there. I would recommend NWEP to others that have low confidence or think that they don’t have skills to get a job, just like I did, and it really helped me.”

Debra said she too would recommend the NWEP to other organisations.

“The process was straight forward, and not a burden administratively as the jobactive provider managed the paperwork,” Debra explained.

“There are also many incentives to trial a job seeker via an NWEP placement, and the Department [of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business] provides insurance to cover the job seeker.”

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