Subsidised infection control training fast-tracked for re-opening businesses

The heading “Funding to subsidise infection control training” is shown alongside imagery of workers in the hospitality, retail and transport and logistics industries.

A new Infection Control Training Fund will fast-track fee free (or low cost) infection control training to support the re-opening of customer facing businesses nationwide

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The Australian Government together with state and territory governments has established an $80 million Infection Control Training Fund to fast‑track fee free (or low fee) infection control training to support the re-opening of customer‑facing businesses nationwide.

To support the rollout of this training, the Australian Government has partnered with all state and territory governments to offer at least 80,000 places to support this critical infection control training in customer‑facing businesses including retail, tourism, hospitality, cleaning, security, transport and logistics, and aged and disability care.

Participants will learn a range of skills, including:

  • Hand hygiene practices
  • Effective surface cleaning
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Disposal of contaminated waste
  • Hazard identification, control and reporting
  • Appropriate protocols and responses in the event of an incident
  • Knowledge regarding the basis of infection and transmission

Infection control short courses were the first national training products developed by the Australian Industry Skills Emergency Response Sub‑Committee in response to COVID‑19. The five Skills Sets approved included:

  • Infection Control Skill Set for Retail
  • Infection Control Skill Set for Transport and Logistics
  • Infection Control Skill Set for Food Handling
  • Entry into Care Skill Set
  • Cross-Sector Infection Control Skill Set

The National Infection Control Training Fund ends on 15 December 2021.

For more information on the new training visit the AISC website and for information on where this training is available visit or skills departments in your state or territory.

Resources have also been developed to support RTOs to deliver the skill sets. These resources include comprehensive advice on how to contextualise delivery of the skill sets to the different industry audiences in the retail, transport and logistics and food handling sectors.

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This article was initially published on 4 June 2020 but was updated on 7 October 2020.

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