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Mature age employment support

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There are a range of programs and resources available to help mature age individuals in the workplace, to build their skills and confidence to secure and maintain meaningful employment.

Mature age workers make a valuable contribution to the Australian workforce through longer work and life experience, their diverse range of professional knowledge and the age diversity they bring to a workplace. Other advantages to employing an older worker* include:

  • maturity in dealing with issues
  • an ability to mentor others
  • crisis management
  • loyalty.

There are a range of programs and resources available to continue to build the skills and confidence of older workers.

Mature Age Hub

A Hub for mature age workers and employers to access information, tools and support to secure employment and hire older workers. It outlines services and support that will help mature age individuals to identify their transferable skills, change careers or gain employment in the current labour market.

Check out the Hub to discover services and support for business and mature age workers.

Career Transition Assistance

A program designed to help individuals aged 45 years and over, to build their confidence and skills to increase their local job market competitiveness and be job ready.

Career Transition Assistance will help you identify how your work skills could transfer to other jobs or industries. You’ll also receive practical assistance with using:

  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • apps
  • social media
  • desktop computers.

Career Transition Assistance is a free course funded by the Australian Government for eligible participants.

Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers

Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers provides up to 10,000 eligible older Australians (aged 40 years and over) per year with advice and guidance to help them:

  • transition into new roles within their current industry or 
  • find pathways to a new career.

Participants work with a career coach to develop a personalised career plan.

Skills and Training Incentive

The Skills and Training Incentive (the Incentive) is an initiative aimed at assisting Australian workers aged 40 and over to invest in their training and life-long approach to skills development.

The Incentive provides eligible mature aged Australians with up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) from the Australian Government to fund re-skilling or up-skilling opportunities.

Eligibility is linked to the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program Career Plan.

For more information and to find out how to access the Incentive visit the Skills and Training Incentive page of this website.

*Employing and retaining older workers (2021) | Australian Human Rights Commission

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Visit Employing mature age workers to access resources and tools that support age inclusivity in the workplace.

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