Turning little ripples into big waves for our children’s future

From the Newsroom: Little Ripples

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Things you say to children can have a ripple effect that influences the way they see themselves and their future.

Research suggests that children are already starting to make subconscious decisions about their future and opportunities from as young as seven. This is why it’s important to start creating the right Little Ripples early, helping to shape children’s future happiness, lives and careers.

This can also help address biases that children can develop from a young age about certain careers which may close them off from potential opportunities.

The National Careers Institute has teamed up with the Career Industry Council of Australia to develop ‘Little Ripples’, providing parents and carers with a series of fun activities and games they can use at home with their children.

Parents and carers can use the conversation cards and activity sheets that can be printed at home to help have positive conversations with their children about their aspirations and dreams for what they want to do when they grow up.

Asking children what they are good at now and what they want to be when they grow up, may sound like innocent questions, but it creates ripples that affect how they see themselves for years to come.

Little Ripples is about raising aspirations, opening doors and showing children the vast range of possibilities open to them.

For more information on Little Ripples, or to download the Little Ripples toolkit, visit the Your Career website

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