National Skills Commission (NSC)

The National Skills Commission provides trusted, independent intelligence to shape Australia’s future workforce.

Led by National Skills Commissioner, Adam Boyton, the NSC provides expert advice and national leadership on Australia’s labour market and current, emerging and future workforce skills needs. The NSC also has an important role in simplifying and strengthening Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) system.

The NSC monitors, researches and analyses employment dynamics across different demographic groups, industries, occupations and regions. It also analyses how changes in the labour market will impact jobs and the economy’s education and skills needs.

Long term goals

  • to make an enduring and relevant contribution to labour market information 
  • to improve the accessibility and relevance of VET
  • to contribute to a labour market that effectively aligns skills needs with education and training
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Current work

Examples of the NSC’s contribution to labour market research and analysis includes:

A full list of the NSC’s recent reports is available.

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The NSC and VET

The NSC is developing a national VET pricing framework to improve transparency on costs and prices for training. This pricing framework, based on actual cost evidence, will help give training providers the confidence to make long-term investments in priority skills areas, allowing more students to access training.

The NSC’s national focus and data capability will also provide students, industry and governments with more information than ever before about how effective courses – and the VET system overall – are at leading students into quality jobs in areas of skill demand. This information will help students make better choices about what to study and guide government decisions about where to invest public dollars.

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To read the latest National Skills Commission research findings, visit the News Centre.