Changes to ParentsNext

This content was published on Thursday 4 May 2023. There may be more recent updates available.

The Australian Government will move to abolish ParentsNext from 1 July 2024 and replace it with a new voluntary program.

From 5 May 2023, we will immediately pause all compulsory requirements for participants in ParentsNext.

This means that participants will no longer receive payment suspensions or penalties for not engaging with activities under ParentsNext, such as attending appointments.

Work is underway to contact all affected participants, who will still be invited to continue taking part in activities, and receive financial supports currently available.

Parents who continue participating in ParentsNext will still receive help to plan and prepare for employment, including financial assistance to undertake education or training and the Government encourages parents to continue to access these supports.

In the coming weeks, the Government will consider longer-term interim arrangements while a voluntary replacement program is developed.

These arrangements will ensure that parents and carers can continue to access the support they need, such as access to 36 hours per fortnight of subsidised childcare through the Child Care Subsidy.

A new voluntary service will be designed in consultation with parents and stakeholders from across the community.

Mutual obligation requirements as part of Workforce Australia will remain in place for all other participants. This includes programs such as Transition to Work. Mutual obligation requirements will also remain in place for participants in Disability Employment Services (DES) and the Community Development Program (CDP).