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ParentsNext can continue to support you 

As a ParentsNext participant, you can still access help and support from your provider. Most people who were participating in ParentsNext before the announcement of changes on 5 May 2023, are still connected to a provider as a ParentsNext participant. This means you can take advantage of the benefits of ParentsNext however there are no penalties if you choose not to.

How ParentsNext can help you

Choosing to participate in ParentsNext can help you with:

  • connecting you to other parents and local support services
  • writing a résumé and job interview practice
  • finding a training course or work experience 
  • support applying for childcare
  • counselling and local support services
  • finding volunteer or paid work that fits with your goals and family
  • financial support to help you meet your education or employment goals.

Your provider can tailor support to your personal circumstances, goals and abilities. Talk to your provider about what support is available for you.

Financial support

ParentsNext can help you with the costs of:

  • accessing childcare
  • starting work such as clothing, transport or tools 
  • training or study.

If you choose not to take part

You won’t receive any demerits and your payment won’t be affected if you choose not to participate or miss an activity or appointment. If you decide you do not want help now, you can always ask your provider or Centrelink to access support in the future. This includes connecting you to help from community-based support services in your area.

Contact us

If you have questions you can: 

•    book an appointment with your ParentsNext provider
•    fill in our contact form
•    Call the National Customer Service Line on Phone: 1800 805 260 (free call from land lines) or Email: