Skill shortages

Skill shortage research is now located on the National Skills Commission (NSC) website.

The NSC has developed the Skills Priority List (SPL) produced annually to review the national skills needs of Australia. The SPL provides a current labour market rating and a future demand rating for occupations nationally. Current labour market ratings will also be available for occupations at a state and territory level.

The SPL provides the backbone piece of labour market analysis on occupations that will inform a range of subsequent government policy responses, including targeting of apprenticeship incentives, training funding and skilled migration. Noting that each of these measures will also need to consider other inputs relevant to their specific policy needs. The evidence supporting the development of the SPL includes labour market data analysis, employer surveys and stakeholder consultation with representative bodies and federal and state/territory government agencies. The research and inputs are specifically designed to produce a robust account of skill shortages within the Australian labour market.