Skills and Training Incentive

The Skills and Training Incentive (the Incentive) assists mature age Australians to update their skills and stay in the workforce.

The Incentive assists mature age Australians to build skills and plan the next stage of their job or career; and helps businesses to better prepare for changes in the economy.

  • The Incentive is directly linked to the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program (the Skills Checkpoint Program).
  • The Incentive provides up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) to jointly fund training to help individuals build skills to remain in the workforce longer.
  • The individual or their employer must also contribute towards the cost of training to ensure a joint investment in the individual’s skills development.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for the Incentive if you:

  • are aged 40 years or over
  • are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • are currently employed and at risk of entering the income support system, OR recently unemployed (within 12 months) and not referred to or registered with a Commonwealth funded employment services provider such as Workforce Australia or Disability Employment Services, and
  • have completed a Skills Checkpoint assessment that identifies training opportunities.

How to access the Incentive?

Skills Checkpoint providers deliver both the Skills Checkpoint Program and the Incentive. They can help you apply for the Skills Checkpoint Program and access the Incentive.

There are a limited number of Incentives available each financial year, so it is important to speak with your Skills Checkpoint provider about accessing the Incentive when undertaking the Skills Checkpoint Program.

Only your Skills Checkpoint provider can suitably assess your eligibility for the Skills Checkpoint Program and the Skills and Training Incentive. This cannot be assessed by training organisations or any other organisations.

You must not enrol and pay for the training yourself. Before you start the training, the Skills Checkpoint provider must:

  • register you for the Incentive
  • assist you to enrol in the training, and
  • make the payment to the training organisation.

The BUSY Group Ltd delivers the Skills Checkpoint and the Skills and Training Incentive nationally. Contact BUSY via 13 BUSY (13 28 79) or visit the BUSY Group Ltd website.

Read some examples of how the Incentive can help with the cost of training and re-skilling.

What kind of training can I do?

You can do any training that is identified as part of the Skills Checkpoint assessment and can be accredited or non-accredited.

The training must be linked to an industry or skill in demand as identified through the occupations in national shortage or with a future recruitment demand rating at or above the economy average on the Jobs and Skills Australia’s Skills Priority List.

When do I need to use my Incentive by?

The Skills and Training Incentive program will end on 30 June 2024.

You, or your employer, must sign the Incentive agreement, pay the co-contribution and be enrolled in your training course by this date.

What is the Skills Checkpoint Program?

The Skills Checkpoint Program is an individually tailored assessment of your existing skills. You will get advice and guidance on transitioning into new roles within your current industry or pathways to a new career, and referral to relevant education and training options.

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