The Mining Skills Organisation Pilot (MSOP) is focused on creating a highly skilled, resilient and adaptable workforce that is responsive to the needs of employers and industry.

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With enhanced industry involvement led by MSOP, mining sector employers are leading strategic thinking on a range of workforce and skilling issues including recruitment, career pathways and business growth.  

Qualification design trials

The qualification design trials are centred on exploring new training products that allow for better flexibility and greater responsiveness to skills shortages and the elimination of superfluous qualifications.

Apprenticeship hub

The apprenticeship hub focuses on trialling the acceleration of apprenticeships to expediate the delivery of skilled workers. It seeks to develop and test a modernised approach relevant to the resources sector site environment centring on program design and delivery.

Digital transformation hub

The digital transformation hub is looking at enabling faster delivery of training products for automation and the application of digital technologies, with the goal of integrating existing automation training products into Australia’s training package framework.

Attraction and retention hub

The attraction and retention hub is looking at delivering a framework to support both the attraction of people with transferrable skills into the mining industry and the retention of existing talent. The framework will also look to promote mining as an industry of choice.