Support for providers and students impacted by recent floods in NSW and QLD

On this page:

For VET Student Loans (VSL) approved providers that are directly impacted by floods with expected direct impacts on students, such as loss of campus infrastructure or delays or non-commencement of studies, please contact the Department, once you are in a position to, through either of the following means:

For those providers affected, we wish to understand the impacts and alleviate your concerns about payment and data reporting deadlines at this time, and understand what assistance may be needed from the department. We may be able to assist in the following ways:

  • Providing additional time for submission of student data and payment information, with consideration of cash-flow impacts.
  • Giving extra time for payment of any provider debts, and not charging interest on delayed payments for a reasonable period.
  • Helping you to reconstruct lost or destroyed records from the data we hold.
  • Assisting you in re-issuing any information required.
  • Adopting a pragmatic approach to identity, citizenship and residency evidentiary requirements for students who no longer have access to these records. In some circumstances for flood impacted students, a statutory declaration may be appropriate and sufficient for this period.
  • Providing additional time for completion of audit or compliance related submissions required by the department.

Information for flood affected students is included on the Information for VSL Students page.