VET Student Loans Data Reporting Updates

VET Student Loans (VSL) Providers report student, course, campus, unit, enrolment and completions data for students through the reporting system, the Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI).

On this page:

VSL Data Reporting Requirements

VET data submissions must include data for all students who enrol in a unit where the student would be eligible to apply for a VSL and is admitted to an ‘approved course’ of the provider. Data is reported in data packets, and detailed specifications apply.

All VSL data reporting requirements and resources, including understanding the following details, are available from TCSI Support – VET Reporting Requirements. Access the TCSI Support website to find out: 

  • what to report (packets, scope, structures)
  • how to report it (reporting methods, revisions) 
  • when to report it (timing)
  • the rules (that is, find the Secretary’s Notice; the TCSI Reporting Requirements Change Control document; TCSI validations; and the data element listing and search function, glossary and appendices). 

Transitional arrangements

Transitional arrangements for VSL Providers will continue to apply in 2022 for providers using the TCSI portal for data entry, upon request for exemption. 

Transitional arrangements allow monthly rather than event-based reporting and limit reporting to only those students accessing VSL (rather than all eligible students). VSL providers using TCSI Data Entry can apply for reduced reporting requirements for 2022 by contacting Providers that have exemptions in 2021 will not need to re-apply.