Stakeholder Forums

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The department held a series of stakeholder forums with key stakeholder groups in the development of new systems to support delivery of Workforce Australia.

Provider Forums

12 April 2022 This forum included a myGovID update, transition and Workforce Australia training information, updates on the new platform and some new online employment services statistics. Presentation
8 December 2021 This consultation forum with providers included an update on the rollout of myGovID, information on the Beta testing for individuals and providers, and what to expect for the planned January beta rollouts.


20 October 2021

This forum includes information on the rollout of myGovID, updates on improving provider experience and updates on 'Right Fit for Risk'.

Questions raised at the consultation forum held with providers on 20 October 2021.



Q & As

16 June 2021 This was the first of the consultation forums with providers and established the forums as a mode of consultation.



Business Forums

8 December 2021 This was a presentation to the QLD and NT Apprentice Employment Network AGM discussing the New Employment Services Model (Workforce Australia) and some of the changes within the new model for businesses and within the Youth Employment sector.


Presentation notes