Case studies

The following case studies highlight the way the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program helps eligible job seekers learn the skills they need to get the job they want by improving their language, reading, writing and maths skills. 

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Saw Ei La Yar

Saw Ei La Yar

Organisation: Learning for Employment (LfE)

Contact person: Sandra Rodrigues 0434 971 852

State/Territory of training: Victoria

Electorate or street address: 20 Synnot Street, Werribee 3020

Location: Metro 

Saw arrived in Australia from Myanmar with his children in 2018. He needed to learn English, and this is how he first connected with Lfe. 

Saw began studying in the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), where he was then referred to the SEE program. Saw enrolled to study a Certificate I in EAL (Access). In the midst of Victoria’s second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and a sustained lockdown, it was a challenging time for learners, with many needing to quickly acquire the digital literacy skills required for remote study.

Saw’s teacher was impressed by his commitment and enthusiasm for learning. Despite having his hands full as the sole carer for his children, Saw approached learning remotely with vigour and purpose, articulating from the outset goals he had both in language learning and in life. Saw made it clear he wanted to find work and do his best to support himself and his family in Australia. 

“I’m fit – I have my hands, my legs, my eyes. I need to do the job. It’s for my kids. My kids don’t have a mother. The mother and father are both me,” Saw said.

In early 2021, once students had returned to the classroom, in addition to participating in the SEE program, Saw commenced in another training program focusing on skills in building and construction. He participated in this program whilst simultaneously completing his SEE training, using this as another opportunity to enhance his learning experience.

Saw remained enthusiastic and dedicated to both classes and talked about how much he enjoyed how his week was now occupied with study. On completion of the Building and Construction course, Saw went onto further study pursuing his White Card certification.

Saw’s enthusiasm for learning and embracing opportunities presented to him has served as a wonderful example for his classmates. 

Saw has now obtained his White Card and plans to start a brick laying apprenticeship with his brother-in-law once COVID-19 restrictions have eased. 

Thales Mendes

Thales Mendes

Organisation: Career Employment Australia 

State/Territory of training: QLD

Electorate or street address: 29 Cambridge Street, Coorparoo Queensland, 4151.

Location: Regional

“Growing up in Brazil, I had friends and a family member who lived with a disability and my mum proudly volunteered for a Disability Centre. It was these life experiences which inspired me to pursue a career in Community Services and have shaped who I am today,”Thales said.

At the beginning of 2020, Thales began making enquiries about how to join the Care Army, an emergency volunteering organisation. His hope was to undertake some voluntary work and gain experience in the Community Services sector. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, Thales was contacted by Care Army, advising him the Integrated Family and Youth Service (IFYS) needed volunteers to help provide services during lockdown. This was the call Thales had been waiting for and one that put him on the pathway to his dream career.

While volunteering, Thales spoke to a Job Provider Agent about commencing a course in Community Services to gain the necessary qualifications he needed to begin his career. He was introduced to Career Employment Australia (CEA), which provided Thales with the flexibility he needed to commence studying his  language, literacy and numeracy supported Certificate III in Community Services and have his previous volunteer hours credited for his course placement.

“I didn’t have to think twice. I enrolled in the course and got started as soon as I was accepted,” Thales said.

Thales needed assistance with improving his English language and literacy skills within the context of the certificate he was enrolled in, at the start he struggled with the course content due to unfamiliar vocabulary, sentence construction and content. Thales has found the knowledge and support of the CEA trainers extremely valuable – something that he says inspires him every day to do his best to succeed.
After studying for two months, Thales began applying for jobs and not long afterwards was offered a position at the Integrated Family and Youth Service (IFYS) as a Disability Support Worker! Thales in the SEE program and credits his study through CEA with his success in securing his role with IFYS.

“All the skills and knowledge I learned through my Certificate, were essential to be able to get this job and provided me with the confidence to do well.”
Photo of Sainzul Batkhuu standing next to a Skills for Education and Employment banner.

Sainzul Batkhuu

Organisation: North Metropolitan TAFE 

Contact: Jeremy Meredith

State/Territory of training: WA

Electorate or street address: 30 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, Perth Western Australia 6003.

Location: Metro

Sainzul Batkhuu is from Mongolia and hopes to one day open her own business; a country relaxation retreat, using traditional Mongolian yurts to accommodate guests. She joined the SEE program in February 2021 to gain more confidence when speaking with others and to assist her in finding employment.

Sainzul was looking for somewhere where she could learn how to express herself confidently in a safe environment through continuous learning and found the SEE program met her requirements perfectly.

Initially, Sainzul was quite reserved and wasn’t comfortable participating in the classroom. However, over time, with the support of her teacher Jeremy and the other students, Sainzul’s confidence and social skills greatly improved.

Sainzul’s knowledge and abilities in the classroom meant she was given more advanced tasks and was able to help other students with low language, literacy, and numeracy skills with their work.

One of Sainzul’s main goals was to gain the skills and confidence to seek employment and participate in the interview process, and with the help of the SEE program, she was able to do that.

“The SEE program helped me improve my job searching skills and become more confident speaking during the interviews. It increased my self-confidence and social skills.”

Sainzul’s commitment to learning and improving her speaking skills was evident when she attended a phone interview for a job and was successful!

Through her SEE training, Sainzul is now confident she can make her goal a reality.