About the department

We support people to have safe, secure and well-paid work with the skills for a sustainable future.

Secure jobs are vital for our nation to prosper—driving future economic growth and providing people with certainty.

In the midst of fast-paced social, economic and global changes, we focus on equipping Australians who are starting, advancing or changing their career with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to gain or regain employment.

We work actively to fill skill gaps to support Australia's economic growth by identifying industries with skill shortages, including in emerging industries fundamental to the prosperity of individuals, businesses, and our nation.

We support a world-leading vocational education and training sector offering apprenticeships, cadetships, and traineeships helping to address future skill demands – driving better outcomes through an agile skills sector in tune with market demands.

Our work supports local, safe, and secure employment underpinned by a safety net of pay, conditions, and workplace rights and responsibilities that both employers and employees can have confidence in.

Our strategic purpose includes:

  • Outcome 1
    Foster a productive and competitive labour market through policies and programs that assist job seekers into work, including secure work, and meet employer and industry needs

  • Outcome 2
    Promote growth in economic productivity and social wellbeing through access to quality skills and training.

  • Outcome 3
    Facilitate jobs growth, including secure work, through policies and programs that promote fair, productive and safe workplaces 

Our Ministers and Executive


Ministers for the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

Secretary and deputy secretaries

The Secretary and executive for the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations are responsible for the delivery of the department’s services. 

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Corporate reporting and plans


The Department's Portfolio Budget information for each financial year.

Reconciliation Action Plan

The department’s overarching purpose is maximising opportunity and prosperity through national leadership on education and training.

Corporate Reporting

The department's formal reporting content including the Information Publication Scheme, Annual Reports, Budget, Freedom of Information and Data Strategy.

Other Corporate Resources

The department’s online resources including various policies and procedures, released briefs and documents, and the gifts register.

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