Qualifications Reform

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What is Qualifications Reform?

Qualifications Reform seek to build upon the strengths of the existing VET system to ensure that Australia has a VET system that is fit-for-purpose – efficient, effective and easy to navigate, with a focus on transferable and relevant skills that enables learners to get jobs, and also supports upskilling and reskilling throughout their career.

The current VET system has become cluttered and difficult to navigate over the years, with over 1,100 qualifications, 1,600 skill sets, and 15,000 Units of Competency. Highly prescriptive content can stifle innovation and flexibility in training delivery and hinder the recognition of transferable skills and learner mobility. Combined with poor recognition of transferable skills, a learner who is upskilling or reskilling will likely undertake some training that delivers similar skills to those they already have.

Qualifications Reform is exploring potential changes to the current VET qualifications model to ensure the national training system has ongoing relevance to labour market needs.

Next Steps

The latest round of consultation has now concluded. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, suggestions and expertise.

Commonwealth, States and Territories will consider the feedback provided through this consultation process.

Additionally, it important that Jobs and Skills Councils are provided sufficient time to engage with qualifications reform to inform advice to Ministers. Jobs and Skills Councils are expected to be fully established in the coming months.