Employability Skills Training

Employability Skills Training (EST) helps people aged 15 years and over to develop the skills that employers want, explore career options, and build job search, workplace and industry specific skills.

Get ready for work

The Employability Skills Training program helps you get job ready by:

  • exploring career options and understanding the skills you might need for these jobs.
  • offering practical support to develop your job search skills and workplace skills, such as problem-solving, communication and decision making, and the ability to work in a team.
  • building industry-specific knowledge to help you understand different industries in your local job market, such as hospitality or aged care.
  • providing opportunities to meet businesses to gain insights into their work environment and understand their expectations in the workplace.

Attending an EST course can help you gain industry specific skills, including accredited training. For example, an EST course focusing on the hospitality industry may include Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training. This can go towards a full qualification or support you to move into the hospitality industry.

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Check your eligibility

To participate in Employability Skills Training, you must be aged 15 years and over, and be:

  • receiving a Centrelink payment with mutual obligation requirements, or the Disability Support Pension with compulsory participation requirements*
  • participating in one of the following eligible employment services:
    • Workforce Australia Employment Services
    • Workforce Australia Online
    • Transition to Work
    • Yarrabah Employment Services
    • Disability Employment Services (Employment Assistance phase).

*Transition to Work and Disability Employment Services participants don’t need to receive a Centrelink payment to be eligible.

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EST in real life

To see how Employability Skills Training has helped people across Australia, visit the DEWR Newsroom.

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How to get involved

Individuals self-managing through Workforce Australia Online can sign up for Employability Skills Training by:

Individuals with an employment services provider can ask their provider for a referral to a suitable course.

Get in touch with an EST provider.

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