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Why is a review needed?

Apprenticeship completion rates have been in steady decline for a number of years. Apprentices and trainees are vital for our economic growth, as well as our transition to a net-zero economy, but too many of them are failing to complete their training.

We also know that we need more Australians to commence in and complete apprenticeships in occupations and sectors facing skills shortages.

By better understanding the effects of past and current policies, as well as the experiences of apprentices, employers and business, we can design more effective and targeted supports going forward.

Who will be conducting the Review?

The Minister for Skills and Training, the Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, has appointed Justice Iain Ross AO and Ms Lisa Paul AO PSM as the reviewers.

What is the timeframe for the Review?

Written submissions on matters raised in the Review’s Terms of Reference are now invited. Additional consultations will be conducted across the country and online throughout the review process. The Reviewers will report to Government in late 2024.

Will Review findings be made public?


Who will be consulted?

The Review team will consult broadly with stakeholders and undertake targeted research into specific aspects of the system, which will involve consulting employers, apprentices, unions and other relevant stakeholders through a range of virtual and in-person consultation methods.

Will the Review consider the wages of apprentices?

While wage rates are determined by the Fair Work Commission, the Review will explore the interaction of the training wage and financial incentives available to apprentices and how each impact on apprenticeship commencements, retentions and completions.

Why is the Government reviewing apprenticeship supports at this time?

Frequent changes to the incentive system over many years have failed to improve declining completion rates. This Review will assist in informing long-term policy design to provide the most effective assistance to support apprentices and trainees throughout their training to give them the best chance of completing their training.

How can I get more information about the Review?

More information, including an option to sign up for updates is available on the page Strategic Review of the Australian Apprenticeship Incentive System.