Employability Skills Training

Employability Skills Training (EST) helps you become job ready by providing intensive pre-employment training. You’ll get practical support to develop your job search skills and workplace skills. You can also learn about and build the skills you need for specific industries in your local labour market, such as hospitality or aged care.

EST gives you the opportunity to enhance your work readiness through two different blocks of targeted training, each designed to build upon differing skill sets, both which will help improve your chances at getting a job. You can do one or both blocks of training. Each block is 75 hours of training over three or five weeks, usually face-to-face. Undertaking EST can also help you meet your mutual obligation requirements.

Training Block 1 helps you develop your job search and workplace skills such as:

  • finding job opportunities 
  • writing resumes, job applications and preparing for job interviews
  • communication skills and working in teams
  • problem solving.

Training Block 2 helps you understand different industries in your local labour market. You can:

  • find out what industries you might be interested in
  • explore career options in different industries
  • learn industry-specific skills
  • improve your job search, job application and interview skills to target the industries you are interested in.

Attending an EST course can help you gain industry specific skills, both accredited and non-accredited. For example, an EST course focusing on the hospitality industry may include Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training. This can go towards a full qualification or support you to move into the hospitality industry.

To participate in EST, you must be:

  • aged 15 years and over, and 
  • participating in one of the following eligible employment services:
    • Workforce Australia Employment Services
    • Workforce Australia Online
    • Transition to Work
    • Yarrabah Employment Services., or
    • Disability Employment Services.

Find out how to get involved at Workforce Australia – Employability Skills Training or talk to an Employability Skills Training Provider.