Employer Advisory Service

The Employer Advisory Service is a free service run by the Fair Work Ombudsman. 

It will help small business employers understand and meet their workplace pay and entitlements obligations, and builds on these existing services:

About the Employer Advisory Service

The Employer Advisory Service helps small business employers:

  • understand employee entitlements that apply to their business
  • make informed decisions
  • avoid mistakes.

Eligible small business employers can seek free written advice about what they need to do to meet their pay and entitlements obligations under the Fair Work Act. The Employer Advisory Service will provide advice on the application of the National Employment Standards, award provisions, and other matters relating to pay and employee entitlements. This will give small business employers the confidence to avoid workplace issues such as underpaying wages and other entitlements. 

Where a small business has sought and followed Employer Advisory Service advice in good faith and that advice turns out to be incorrect, the Fair Work Ombudsman won't pursue penalties. But the employer must still rectify any entitlements owed. The employee or a third party may also choose to take their own action.

Who can use the service

The Employer Advisory Service is available to eligible small businesses with less than 15 employees.

Accessing the service

The Employer Advisory Service commenced on 1 July 2021. Small businesses can visit the Fair Work Ombudsman's website to read about the service and sign up for email updates to receive more information.

Small businesses can also seek advice from the Fair Work Ombudsman through its:

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