Employment Services Data

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations regularly publishes data related to the delivery of employment services. 

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Contextual information about this data

Each data release will be accompanied by contextual information to provide clarity on our data means.  

Our initial releases will include as a glossary of the definitions of each data term included in the release.  

DEWR is currently creating a registry of metadata to more accurately describe the data we publish. The metadata will meet the international standard for metadata registration, ISO-11179. Once the metadata has been approved for publication, this page will be updated to include a link the registry, which will be hosted by the Aristotle platform. 

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Upcoming releases

The following are the planned publication date for 2023 

  • 16 June 2023 
  • 14 July 2023 
  • 18 August 2023 
  • 15 September 2023 
  • 13 October 2023 
  • 17 November 2023 
  • 15 December 2023