Growing business promotes sustainable living

Nicholas wanted to use his education in horticulture and permaculture to contribute to his community. With the support of a local NEIS provider, Nicholas’ initial idea of selling kids micro greens sunflower seed bomb kits has since developed into an innovative business dedicated to the promotion of organic garden practices.

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Nicholas Farrar - The Growing Trend

In late 2017 Nicholas Farrar approached his NEIS provider about joining the NEIS program. His business idea was to sell Kid’s Micro Greens Sunflower Seed Bomb kits as a fun way to grow micro greens at home, school or the office. Since then The Growing Trend has grown and expanded and now provides educational workshops, delivers the Future Fruits Program, and offers Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance services.  

With formal qualifications in Horticulture and Permaculture, Nicholas shares his expertise widely with local Community Groups, giving him the creative freedom to shape his life and shape the lives of the many children and adults that he teaches.

Since starting the business, he has introduced other products to his portfolio, such as the Bee Mix Seed Bomb, the Fruit Tree and the Wine Barrel, as well as offering Organic Garden Consultations and a newly introduced Tote Bag.

Nicholas’ main source of revenue is school education so when the Coronavirus changed that business model he adapted by supplying online lessons to councils and businesses. With people spending more time at home and doing more gardening he tailored the online content with his Micro Greens growing kit and began conducting workshops. He is currently putting together an online workshop on how to use the micro greens “tins” with a local council and the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability.

The Growing Trend was made a reality by hard work, perseverance and a lot of help from its customers and support network. Nicholas acknowledged that his idea needed development and with the help and guidance of the NEIS program, he was able to test the market to find the right pitch. His NEIS provider and the NEIS program gave him support for his business idea and weekly business sessions which gave him the confidence to focus 100% on starting the business.