The National Careers Institute and its work

The National Careers Institute (NCI) ensures Australians have access to reliable and accurate careers information and resources.

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Our vision is to be Australia’s recognised source of independent careers information for Australians of all ages and at all stages of their career.

We support the Government's commitment to strengthening and modernising Australia’s education, skills, and employment sectors.

As the NCI formed, we consulted more than 10,000 experts and stakeholders across Australia to help guide our direction and frame our areas of focus.

The foundation of our work is the world-leading labour market intelligence provided by Jobs and Skills Australia, a partner who we work with and are regularly informed by.

The strategic direction of our work is guided by the NCI Advisory Board. Members of the Board represent a diverse cross-section of Australian business, industry, and education providers.

Since the NCI commenced on 1 July 2019, we have:

Consultation and co-design workshops

In 2019, we worked alongside the former National Skills Commission and Skills Organisation Pilots to conduct a series of workshops.

Workshop findings and materials from other stakeholder consultations are summarised in our ‘This is what we heard’ report.

Note: In November 2022, Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) was established. JSA is a statutory body that will provide independent advice on current, emerging, and future workforce, skills, and training needs. JSA will carry forward the work commenced by the National Skills Commission.

Engagement with industry

The NCI will work with Jobs and Skills Councils and industry stakeholders to ensure careers information is informed by industry insights and needs and to support mapping of education, training and careers pathways for priority industries, including for existing and emerging occupations. 

Your views are welcome. If you would like to know more or discuss engagement opportunities, you can contact us at


The National Careers Institute (NCI) undertakes research to:

  • contribute to our understanding of citizen preferences, attitudes and needs related to career information and support,
  • better understand how individuals in Australia are accessing and using career information, and
  • gather career and industry related insights to support all Australians at various ages and stages of their career.

To explore our research, visit Your Career.