NEIS helps Glen launch his new business

Glen Burnett, owner of Thriving Web Design in Western Australia, designs and builds websites for small businesses. Glen had just launched his business when everything changed and businesses had to adapt to COVID-19.

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Glen Burnett, owner of Thriving Web Design in Western Australia

Glen’s biggest marketing channel for his new business was in-person business networking events, which were no longer possible with COVID-19 restrictions. Rather than give up, Glen doubled his efforts to market his web design business through social media and started networking with potential clients via LinkedIn.

It was the support and training Glen received from New Business Assistance with NEIS that got him through this tough time.

“I don’t think I would have been able to understand the right approach to running and planning for my business were it not for the invaluable training I received from my NEIS provider. Thanks to them, I have a very detailed business plan and a very clear picture in my mind.”

The NEIS small business training reinforced for the Glen that the most important investment in the business was his own time and expertise. “One of the first things our trainer said at the start of our training is that we didn’t have a lot of resources – manpower, machines or equipment and we didn’t have a lot of money but what we did have was time.”

And according to Glen, that’s has been a winning factor for his business. “If you invest as much time as you can into your business wisely, it will show dividends. I will say though that you really need to love and enjoy what you do.”

Although there are still a lot of challenges ahead, Glen’s goal is to continually improve his business processes, and put himself in a better position to win some larger clients while still catering to his many small business customers.

Glen’s advice for others who are thinking of starting their own business is to just do it. “The biggest regret I had was not doing this sooner. Don’t be afraid of taking the step. Believe in yourself. If you do the research, have something that you really love doing, and you are prepared to step outside your comfort zone and put in the hard work, it’s definitely doable. And never give up. Look for the opportunity in everything. Mindset is huge.”