The following is a list of all the resources that are associated with Workers' compensation.

Submissions received for the Review of firefighter provisions of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 Consultation papers


These written submissions were received with permission for them to be made publicly available.  

*The files have not been modified and are published as supplied.


Managing Workers Compensation in the Commonwealth


This booklet presents fact sheets on nine pilot projects undertaken by agencies that are in the Deputy Secretaries' Working Group for Managing Workers Compensation in the Commonwealth.  The pilots were designed to identify ways of improving injury prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation and return to work outcomes. The booklet is designed to provide APS agencies with information about the approach and early outcomes of a number of the pilot initiatives and promote some simple yet effective ways to improve workers compensation performance.


Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Review Final Report - Mr Peter Hanks QC


Mr Peter Hanks QC - the final report was publicly released on 30 March 2013. The report outlines over 100 recommendations to modernise the SRC Act and to increase the focus on early intervention and rehabilitation for the benefit of injured workers and their employers.

On 24 July 2012, a comprehensive review of the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (the SRC Act) was announced. 

A Review into the SRC Act was undertaken in 2012 by Mr Peter Hanks QC and Dr Allan Hawke AC, to ensure that its objectives were being met and the Comcare Scheme was exemplary in its design and delivery.