Key features of the Framework

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Five levels of performance ranging from one (low level performance) to five (high level performance)

Four performance variables that may influence a person’s performance at any time:

  • support
  • context
  • text complexity
  • task complexity

Three Domains of Communication, broad contexts within which the core skill may be used:

  • personal and community
  • workplace and employment
  • education and training.

Pre Level 1

The framework's Pre Level 1 Supplement describes performance at Pre level 1 in the five core skills. The supplement includes performance features and sample activities that:

  • enable identification of the core skill requirements at Australian Core Skills Framework Pre Level 1
  • provide a common reference point for describing and discussing performance in the five core skill areas for Pre Level 1 performance
  • guide teaching and assessment of the core skills at Australian Core Skills Framework Pre Level 1.