Work for the Dole

Work for the Dole is available for participants aged 18 years and over in Workforce Australia Services. It is a work experience program that offers participants the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities, contribute to their local community and build skills to help find secure work.

Work for the Dole activities provide work-like experiences and are run by host organisations. While participating in Work for the Dole activities, participants may have the opportunity to develop core competencies, attain a licence, qualification or other recognised skill.

Participants will continue to receive income support and assistance from their Workforce Australia Employment Services provider while undertaking Work for the Dole activities.

Work for the Dole can only be hosted by:

  • Not-for-profit organisations/charities
  • local, state, territory, or Australian Government or organisations
  • a not-for-profit arm of a for-profit organisation.

More information is available on the Workforce Australia website.