Cooperative Workplaces – How can Australia capture productivity improvements from more harmonious workplace relations

This discussion paper was broader in its terms than others in the series arising from the fact that it sought the contribution of broad views and the benefits of practical experiences and techniques from Australians who have advanced, achieved or experienced, here or internationally, best practice on what this paper will term cooperative workplaces.

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This paper on cooperative workplaces sought views on whether and how improved productivity performance might be available to Australian workplaces through more harmonious workplaces. 

Discussion paper

Cooperative Workplaces discussion paper



Submissions for this consultation are closed.

The discussion paper process, which was paused in March 2020 due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, has been a valuable mechanism for receiving stakeholder input on industrial relations policy issues.

The government will continue to advise stakeholders and the public about future consultation on industrial relations policy issues, as appropriate, to ensure a range of views are heard.