Non-quantifiable wage increases in federal enterprise agreements

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To interpret data in the published Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining is a quarterly report technical notes are included at the end of the Trends reports. Supplementary papers that provide detailed analysis of specific subjects are also useful to understand the data in the reports.

Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining is a quarterly report containing data about the number of enterprise agreements made in the federal workplace relations system, as well as data about the number of employees covered and the level of wage increases included in collective agreements.

Enterprise agreements containing wage increases that cannot be quantified are excluded from the calculation of the official Average Annualised Wage Increase (AAWI) published in each Trends in Enterprise Bargaining report. This paper analyses a large sample of non-quantifiable agreements and concludes that the exclusion of this type of agreement from the official AAWI is unlikely to materially reduce its accuracy. The paper also provides details on the characteristics and trends for all non-quantifiable agreements.

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Workplace relations
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
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