Job Seeker Assessment Framework

The Job Seeker Assessment Framework has been developed to support the delivery of Workforce Australia employment services. The Job Seeker Assessment Framework is an overarching structure that brings together the full range of assessment processes, tools, and resources available to individuals in online services and providers who deliver employment services.

These are available to Workforce Australia participants, Employment Services Providers, the Digital Services Contact Centre, and other government agencies such as Services Australia.

Providers delivering employment services will use the Job Seeker Assessment Framework, their individual expertise and local labour market knowledge to deliver targeted assistance to individuals with complex requirements.

The Job Seeker Snapshot and Employment Services Assessment are the two core assessment processes under the Job Seeker Assessment Framework.

The Job Seeker Snapshot

The Job Seeker Snapshot is the first assessment an individual undertakes after they claim income support. The Job Seeker Snapshot is a questionnaire that collects information to help understand an individual’s circumstances, their job search confidence, their strengths, and their ability to use online services. It includes questions that help determine an individual’s Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI) score. The JSCI score determines the individual’s risk of long-term unemployment and their servicing eligibility.

This information may also help inform an individual’s choice of service and guide ongoing service requirements. For example, if an individual feels they need extra support to find a job, they can choose to get additional help from a Workforce Australia provider.

Once referred into a service, the Job Seeker Snapshot should be updated when an individual’s circumstances change. The update can be made by a provider, Services Australia, or the individual via their online account (with support from the Digital Services Contact Centre, if necessary). The system has also been set up to automatically update on certain triggers, such as an individual’s birthday.

All Workforce Australia providers will use and update the Job Seeker Snapshot in the Workforce Australia Online for Providers platform. Community Development Program (CDP) and Disability Employment Services (DES) providers will administer their program using a different provider platform while continuing to utilise the data and information provided through the JSCI.

More information about the Job Seeker Snapshot and JSCI is available in the Job Seeker Snapshot Overview document. Information for individuals on how to update the Job Seeker Snapshot online is available on the Workforce Australia page Update your circumstances.

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Employment Services Assessment

The Job Seeker Snapshot may indicate if an individual requires further assessment through an Employment Services Assessment (ESAt) (Service Australia). Individuals may also be referred for an Employment Services Assessment by Centrelink, or by an Employment Services Provider.

An Employment Services Assessment is a comprehensive assessment undertaken by Health or Allied Health Professionals, in Services Australia, to determine an individual’s ability to work and their work capacity. These could include personal or vocational issues or a long-term reduced work capacity. The Employment Services Assessment is used to determine the most appropriate type of servicing for the individual and the type of work they may be suitable for.

If the individual has a medical condition(s) or disability that requires further assessment, they will need to be able to provide medical evidence to Services Australia when they attend their appointment. Providers should ensure medical evidence is available prior to requesting an Employment Services Assessment for medical reasons.

Online Servicing safeguards

There are multiple safeguards in place to ensure that Workforce Australia Online is appropriate for individuals who are self-managing their job search. An individual's access and ability to use the online service is assessed when they first undertake the Job Seeker Snapshot. Once referred to Workforce Australia Online, individuals can undertake a Digital Service Review at 4 and 8 months of service (if they are not working or in training). This provides an opportunity to review their access and ability to use online services. If circumstances have changed, they will be given the opportunity to move to a Workforce Australia provider.

Individuals who are self-managing in the online service can also contact the Digital Service Contact Centre (Workforce Australia) for advice and assistance. The Digital Service Contact Centre is available to individuals to provide technical support, advice on how to use the system, and referrals to digital training or to a provider. An individual can choose to receive support from a provider in Workforce Australia Services at any time, for any reason.

Job Seeker Profile

The Job Seeker Profile (profile) is an online résumé allowing individuals to highlight information including their employment preferences, skills, qualifications and work history. This will enable the individual to be matched to employment opportunities from a range of job search websites.

Individuals can choose to make their profile visible to businesses, increasing their chances of finding suitable employment. Businesses can then match an individual’s skills, experiences and qualifications to their current vacancies. Individuals are encouraged to have their profile visible to allow businesses to view their profile. Individuals should check their profile regularly and ensure it is up to date.

Maintaining and updating an individual’s profile could help them:

  • gain targeted access to businesses and vacancies
  • receive suitable job recommendations and alerts
  • obtain information about activities and training recommendations

The system can also help support businesses to find suitable candidates to fill vacancies.

View more information about how to create a profile (Workforce Australia).

Other tools and resources

A range of other online tools and resources are also available to individuals to help them find a job based on their strengths, skills and experience. These are available on Workforce Australia and National Careers Institute websites including:

For more information, refer to the following resources: