Workforce Australia - information for providers

Individuals who need, or would like, extra help to get job ready will be supported by a Workforce Australia Employment Services Provider.

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Providers will deliver tailored, quality services that are respectful, connected, simple and supported. They will assess an individual’s needs, help them look for secure employment, develop their skills, and support them with training.

Providers will also support individuals to be aware of, understand and meet their mutual obligation requirements, including their individually tailored points target.

 In certain locations there will be specialist providers to deliver personalised services to cohorts including culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), Indigenous Australians, ex-offenders, and refugees.

For more information, see the Workforce Australia – information for providers factsheet 

Provider payment structure

The Workforce Australia Services payment structure supports providers to deliver personalised and tailored services for individuals.  This  includes:

  • up-front payments to support early investment in individuals
  • progress payments for demonstrable improvement in an individual’s employment prospects
  • outcome payments made to providers when individuals move into employment
  • bonuses for very long-term unemployed individuals who achieve an outcome.

For more information, see the Workforce Australia Employment Services Provider Payments factsheet.

The Workforce Australia Employment Services Provider Performance Framework

Workforce Australia Services are delivered under a licensing system that rewards high performing providers who are delivering quality outcomes for their clients. It is flexible and encourages high quality servicing. This system drives quality support and outcomes for both individuals and business.

  • High performing providers will have their licences extended, while low performing providers will not receive licence extensions and their licence may lapse if they are unable to improve their performance. 

The Workforce Australia Employment Services Performance Framework assesses performance holistically, requiring providers to demonstrate performance against all of the following performance criteria:

  • Success at moving participants into sustained employment.
  • Success at progressing participants towards employment.
  • Success at delivering high quality services to both participants and employers.
  • Compliance with Deed requirements.

Suitable providers have been issued an initial licence to deliver services for three years, including in some regions for specialist licensees to support individuals from specific groups. These licenses are capped to ensure market stability and are reviewed regularly, with a focus on quality of service. The reviews include a range of assessments based on feedback from participants, ensuring that the provider performance rating is directly impacted by participant views.

Workforce Australia Business Adjustment Package 2022 

The Workforce Australia Business Adjustment Package is designed to offer support to current providers of employment services whose ongoing business may be affected by the outcomes of the recent tender processes relating to Workforce Australia. Modules for this package can be found below: