National VET Data

The National VET Data program captures vocational education and training (VET) occurring across Australia. Policy and legislation set out the information you need to provide, and what can be done with it. 

National VET Data Policy

The National VET Data Policy helps data users understand their responsibilities for collecting, submitting, using and accessing VET data.
Data users include:

  • Registered training organisations
  • Government agencies
  • Researchers
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How VET data is used

The National VET Data program collects information that is used to:

  • Compare Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
  • Choose between courses
  • Share authenticated VET transcripts
  • Plan courses
  • Improve the training system 
What is National Vet Data

What is national VET data

VET data is collected for all Nationally Recognised Training across Australia. It includes:

  • Data collected from students when they enrol
  • Apprentice and trainee data
  • Student results 
  • Survey responses
  • Funding data 
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Data legislation

Recent changes to legislation related to VET data may change your responsibilities. Keep up to date with data related amendments including:

  • USI legislation
  • National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011
  • Data Provision Requirements
  • Other instruments
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