Arthur’s journey: How Self-Employment Assistance helped improve his business practices

Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2024 - Arthur building better business practices

Arthur’s story shows how working on your skill set can improve your business, and the power of making connections.

In 2022, Arthur started his self-employment journey in Adelaide, South Australia with the goal of providing First Nations animation, gaming development and other digital and creative content for businesses.

Looking to improve his business practices, he connected with Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance Provider, Auctus.

“Self-Employment Assistance has helped me and my business to recenter and reflect on my business practices,” said Arthur.

With the support of Auctus, Arthur has focused on small business coaching and training which has included regular check ins with his business mentor.

“Having a dedicated time with my mentor and the ability to get outside feedback and thoughts has been really valuable,” said Arthur.

His mentor mentioned that it was great to work with Arthur on his business and that Arthur "is not only a master in his chosen profession, but he is focused on constant professional and personal growth".

Having improved his business practices, Arthur has since undertaken projects for South Australia Museum and Sydney Opera House artists. Arthur has also been recognised by The Hon. K.J. MAHER Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Attorney-General, Minister Industrial Relations and Public Sector. To add to his list of successful business achievements, Arthur secured a $30,000 grant and a $30,000 contract with South Australia Film Corporation.

Arthur’s advice to anyone starting a business is to do your industry research and network.

“Make sure you network really well and stay personable! When opportunities come up make sure you pass all the relevant information on so you can get the most out of the experience,” said Arthur.

Self-Employment Assistance helps Australians turn their business idea or existing small business into a viable business. The support available includes:

  • Exploring Self-Employment Workshops
  • Business Plan Development
  • Accredited Small Business Training
  • Business Advice Sessions
  • Business Health Checks
  • Small Business Coaching

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