Australian Apprenticeship Support Services Request for Tender outcomes are now available!

AASS RFT outcomes

The Australian Government has announced the organisations that were successful in the Australian Apprenticeship Support Services 2024-26 Request for Tender.

The RFT outcomes deliver a greater variety of organisations providing targeted support to Australian Apprentices and their employers.

Nine organisations will be delivering a new model to Australian Apprentices and their employers from 1 July 2024. The new service delivery model strengthens the non-financial supports offered to Australian Apprentices and trainees to help see them through to completion.

Greater supports include:

  • Setting apprentices up for success with an initial assessment so that support can be matched to their needs.
  • Apprentices who face additional barriers have access to additional mentoring and personalised assistance throughout their apprenticeship. 
  • Employers who are not experienced in supporting and supervising apprentices receive support to better understand their roles and responsibilities.

There will be an increased focus on engagement with schools to promote Australian Apprenticeships and vocational education and training pathways. This will help build the next generation of skilled workers to meet the needs of Australian industry and employers.

It also sees the introduction of Specialist Providers with expertise to improve commencements and completions in 3 key areas:    

  • Women in ‘male dominated’ trades,   
  • First Nations Australian Apprentices, and     
  • Australian Apprenticeships working towards clean energy occupations.  

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Services 2024-26 Request for Tender opened on 8 August 2023 and closed on 12 September 2023.

Discover the 9 organisations who will deliver Australian Apprenticeships Support Services on the Australian Apprenticeships website.

For more information on the outcome of the tender, read our factsheet.

Please note, services in the Northern Territory are subject to a separate RFT, which is currently under way. 

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