Cody developed the skills for a job that makes a difference

The words "Workforce Australia – Cody's Story" appear above the vector artwork of a resume being scanned by a magnifying glass, with an elderly woman and young man in conversation next to it.

Participating in Workforce Australia gave Cody opportunities to train and qualify for a job in aged care.

Cody shared his interests and career aspirations to work in aged care with his Workforce Australia Employment Services provider, Workskills Tasmania. He received support to enrol in a Certificate III in Aged Care (Disability) program, which he balanced with a part-time job.

During Cody's studies he received classroom experience and practical training to develop foundational skills to support him to get a job in the industry. He also received help from his Workforce Australia Services provider to progress his literacy and numeracy skills to contribute to his coursework.

Article image – Cody developed the skills for a job that makes a difference

Cody later completed a work placement to get work experience in the industry. He was commended on his outstanding performance as he demonstrated empathy, adaptability and flexibility with the residents and his colleagues.

His strong work ethic left a lasting impression, and he was nominated for the Vocational Student of the Year award at the Tasmanian Training Awards. Congratulations Cody!

Workforce Australia offers many ways to learn new skills or work towards a qualification for a job you’re interested in.

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