Employability Skills Training helped build Lachlan and Allyshia’s confidence and ability to get a job!

Employability Skills Training builds skills and confidence

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The Employability Skills Training program benefits Transition to Work participants to find jobs in their dream employment industries.

A Workforce Australia Employability Skills Training (EST) course in Melbourne helped Allyshia and Lachlan to build their skills and confidence to secure work.

EST courses help participants understand different industries in their local labour market, build relevant skills, and gain insight into the tasks and duties required, so individuals can decide if an industry is right for them.

“During this EST course, participants engaged in several activities. We visited a cafe in the Melbourne CBD to learn about the hospitality industry and the roles available. We also had a zoom-based panel of leaders from a large biotech firm to discuss what they look for in employees who join their business,” said an EST provider from Youth Projects.

One of the participants Allyshia recently moved to Melbourne from Tasmania looking for work and sought the help of Transition to Work (TtW) to find employment opportunities as quickly as possible. By undertaking the EST course and getting support to tailor her job applications to her industry of interest, Allyshia successfully secured a job at a local supermarket.

“The course gave me lots of confidence and also taught me how to speak in a professional manner. I received four interviews as a result of the course and now have a job,” said Allyshia.

Employability Skills Training participants Allyshia (left) and Lachlan (right)

Lachlan’s TtW Coach recommended EST to help him pursue his passion for the hospitality industry. Through the industry awareness experience activities with employers during the course, Lachlan learnt valuable information about industry expectations and how to best perform in a job interview. After completing the EST course, Lachlan is confident in his next steps to work towards his career goals of becoming a chef.

The program is tailored to each participant to identify their unique goals and barriers, and deliver activities and content to their specific circumstances. EST has helped Allyshia and Lachlan build the skills, confidence and experience they need to pursue local jobs and their dream careers with the help of Youth Projects.

Of the five youth that participated in the program, three have gained employment and one commenced further study.

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The EST program is a pre-employment program that helps individuals develop the skills that employers want, explore career options, and build job search and workplace skills.

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