Haley pursues her passion with the help of Workforce Australia

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Hayley was an aspiring jewellery maker when she was at high school and she wanted to focus on her passion rather than pursuing formal education. She had just started her jewellery business and wanted to bring it to the next level.

The Transition to Work (TtW) program provided Haley with the support and motivation to pursue her dream path of owning her own business. This included assistance to commence a Certificate III in Business.

Hayley’s TtW provider, Asuria helped her stay motivated to ensure she completed the course and provided her with the option of attending the provider office to study. Through the TtW program she was able to get assistance with financial responsibility, stress management and overcome any obstacles that came her way.

Having completed the course, Haley said, “With the help of my TtW provider, I am proud of myself for completing the course. I now feel more confident with running and growing my business.”

Once Haley completed the course, she was referred to Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance that offers a range of resources and guidance to get her business off the ground. It also provided her the opportunity to complete various business workshops, receive business coaching and advice and was provided help with developing a business plan.

TtW helps young people, like Haley, aged 15-24 into work or education. TtW participants receive intensive, pre-employment support to develop practical skills to get a job, connect with education or training, find local job opportunities and connect with relevant local community services.

Self-Employment Assistance can help you turn your business idea or existing small business into a viable business. The program allows you to choose the level of support that meets your needs and the needs of your small business. For more information visit: Self Employment Assistance   

For more information visit Transition to Work.

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