Jai gets back into the workforce thanks to Workforce Australia – Work for the Dole

person standing at a sales counter

Jai was keen to get back into the workforce but lacked confidence and was unsure of what type of job to look for. Workforce Australia Work for the Dole offered Jai the opportunity to demonstrate his capabilities, gain new skills and contribute to his local community.

A Work for the Dole activity provides participants with work-like experiences and is run by a host organisation. Activities are designed to help participants improve their skills, increase their confidence, meet new people and make contacts, while also meeting their mutual obligation requirements.

With the help of his provider, WISE Employment, Jai commenced a Work for the Dole activity as a retail assistant at a Salvos store. Jai enjoyed working as part of a team at the store, and his duties included working in a retail environment, customer service, stock control and warehouse duties just to name a few.

Jai’s Supervisor at the activity recognised Jai’s strong work ethic, interpersonal skills, and his ability to learn quickly and encouraged him to apply for a position at the store. Jai was subsequently offered an ongoing position with the store 2 months after he started in Work for the Dole.

For more information visit - Work-like experience program for individuals with a provider (workforceaustralia.gov.au)

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