Max overcomes challenges and secures employment through the Workforce Australia - Transition to Work program

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Transition to Work (TtW) helps participants to reach their full potential and find their passion in a supportive environment. This is exactly what Max experienced when they participated in the program.

Through their provider, Workskills Tasmania, Max was able to identify what support they needed which included securing a driver’s licence and building on their interview skills. Max's youth coach recommended they attend a youth focus group where Max was given a chance to break the ice and engage in conversation to increase interview skills and build confidence.

TtW helps 15–24-year-olds into work (including apprenticeships and training) or education. Participants receive intensive, pre-employment support to develop practical skills, connect with education or training, find local job opportunities, and connect with relevant local community services.

Max was able to obtain a driver licence and secure employment with a local café where their exceptional skills and work ethic have been praised by the café manager. This positive employment outcome shows the transformative impact of the TtW program in empowering young individuals like Max to navigate the challenges of transitioning from school to work successfully.

For more information on TtW visit Workforce Australia – Transition to Work

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