OECD launches report on education and pre-employment interventions for adolescents

OECD Report Launch

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How early intervention and educational policies keep young people in education, employment and training.

The OECD has launched a report commissioned by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) on Adolescent Education and Pre-Employment Interventions in Australia: Keeping Young People in Education, Employment and Training.

The report, released at a handover event in Paris, France on 28 April 2023, covers issues relevant to young people in Australia. Topics include school education, vocational education and training (VET) in secondary schools, career advice, and evaluation. A wide range of international good practices were detailed in the report.

Main findings

  • A higher number of young people who are not in education, employment or training are unemployed rather than inactive, making them easier to engage.
  • Educational strategies during compulsory schooling years supports the transition between primary and secondary education and can prevent young people leaving school early.
  • Pre-employment assistance, including career education, guidance and employer engagement, can positively influence student decisions for a smooth transition to higher education or employment.
  • VET courses are available for students who prefer more practical, hands-on learning. VET can help students develop the right skills demanded by the labour market to transition into employment more easily.

Policy recommendations

  • Encouraging positive primary-to-secondary transitions by supporting at-risk young people through their schooling years.
  • Provide expert career advice to students. This allows them to learn about different education and occupation options, including workplace visits and internships.
  • Strengthen work-based learning opportunities to make VET an attractive alternative to education.
  • Improve monitoring and evaluation of youth policies through continued investment in data infrastructure.

These recommendations will help to strengthen the ties between education, employment and training ensuring all young people are equipped with the decision-making skills and the career advice they need to move to further education/training and employment.

More information

Visit the OECD iLibrary to read the full report and the OECD webpage on NEET prevention in Australia to find out more.

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